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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

IMG_4207Jessica + Carlos.jpg
Carlos + Jessica

Not gonna lie: Receptions are my favorite part of weddings.  Yes, getting ready can be cute, and the ceremony is almost always beautiful.  But the real fun happens when you celebrate with your family and friends.  And this couple was just so much fun!

Mary + Eli

This couple took the idea of "composing" your own vows to a whole 'nother level!  They literally composed vows - complete with music and a signing officiant.  Clearly lovers of musical theatre, they also painted the room with all the colors of "Over the Rainbow." 

Maria + Patrick

As you can probably tell, my favorite subject to photograph is people having a great time.  I love capturing candid shots of people smiling and laughing.  It's beautiful to see their joy. This couple's joy was palpable.  They couldn't stop smiling at each other.

Stefanie and John - 133.jpg
Stefanie + John

It's the best when couples truly make their big day magically their own.  Stefanie and John combined their love of music, the outdoors, and donuts into one beautifully bohemian fantasy.  Wildflower bouquets and crown turned Stefanie into a fairy princess, and even the kids all had a great time!


Jesse + Nataly

I love being able to shoot in natural light.  The options for creative and beautiful romantic photos are just endless!  Jesse and Nataly wanted to shoot theirs outside of Disney concert hall, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in LA.  I approve of this decision!

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