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1st Person YA Horror_F_M_Multiple Characters
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3rd Person Sci-Fi_F_M_NB
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3rd Person Sci-Fi_F_M_Multiple Characters
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3rd Person Sci-Fi_Children's Voices
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Other VO Clips

Commercial Demo Reel - Veronica Wylie
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I am a working actor, based in Burbank, CA, with a professional home recording studio, including a Rode NT 1-A mic, Steinberg UR22C Interface, and Twisted Wave DAW. I am a BIG nerd! I learned to read early and spent most of my childhood doing so (and watching my brother play video games). I love fantasy of all sorts, from Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones, from Harry Potter to Star Wars - my favorite books and films are ones with vivid worlds in which I can lose myself. Above all, as an actor and narrator, I want to tell stories that matter.  I'm great with dialects and voices, which makes me a good choice for stories with multiple characters or those that take place elsewhere. I also have an innate ability to convey a wide variety of tones, which helps me excel in multiple genres, including science fiction and horror, as well as more "adult" subject matter. I've had the privilege in front of the camera to work with Shemar Moore on SWAT, Juno Temple on The Offer, and the iconic Angela Bassett on 911: Lonestar. I've been fortunate to have trained with some of the most highly respected coaches and studios in LA, and I feel so lucky to be able to do the thing I'm most passionate about: storytelling.

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