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SWAT                                    Guest Star            CBS

The Offer                               Co-Star                Paramount +

911: Lonestar                            Co-Star                FOX

Adventures in Online Dating       Series Regular       SeekaTV, Dir: Adrienne White

Days of Our Lives                     Recurring            NBC/Corday Productions Agent K-9:Spy Dog of the Future!  Series Regular       323 Entertainment

Scary Tales                             Recurring            3Net

Lost Girls                               Co-Star                Dir: Nicholas Gibeault

Bar Monkeys                           Co-Star               Dir: Graham Beckel



Match Me If You Can               Supporting       MY Productions, Dir: Marian Yeager

Beneath the Green                  Lead               Do Less Media, Dir: Jason Georgiades

The Conway Curve                  Lead               MY Productions, Dir: Marian Yeager

Recovery                              Supporting        Constellation Films,Dir: Jose Gonzalez

A Little Mistaken                     Lead               Wundergeez Prod., Dir: Sean Hilferty

Game of Truth                       Lead               Rosanoff Prod, Dir: Steve Helgoth

The Bunnyman                       Lead               ANOC Prod., Dir: Carl Lindbergh

The Last Supper                      Lead               King Profit Films,Dir: Ray Ramirez

Seizures                               Supporting        Derailed Ent., Dir: NIcolas Simonin

Life                                    Lead                Yaffe Films, Dir: Avihai Yaffe

Gray                                   Supporting        Manahata Prod., Dir: Michael Santana

Friended to Death                 Supporting        Padded Envelopes, Dir: Sarah Smick


The Vagina Monologues            Ensemble              V-day International Studio City

Two Motherfuckers on a Ledge   Maddie (Lead)        Asylum Theatre at Studio C

Blind Spots                            Gretchen (Lead)      Stephany Feury Theatre

Arms and the Man                   Louka                  The Missing Piece Theatre

Speak Now                            TJ (Lead)               The Missing Piece Theater Embracing the Suck                 Private Hall (Lead)   Whitmore/Lindley Theater

No Exit                                 Estelle (Lead           Blue Bottle Theater (Indianapolis)

Romeo and Juliet                    Juliet                    Cerritos Performing Arts Center

A Midsummer Night’s Dream      Helena                  Segerstrom Ctr for Performing Arts

Macbeth                               Lady Macbeth         Theater in Education (touring co.)

Wonder of the World                Karla (Supporting)    The Alley Theater (Indianapolis)

Much Ado About Nothing          Margaret               Byrum Theater (Anderson, IN)

Night Must Fall                       Mrs. Terrence          Byrum Theater (Anderson, IN)

Education & Training
BA cum laude in Theater Arts                     Anderson University

Scene Study                                              John Rosenfeld Studios

Audition Technique                                     Margie Haber Studios (ongoing)

UCB Improv  Traininh                                  Marissa Strickland

The Project                                               Chuck and Megan Marra
Commercial Audition Technique                     Chris Game (Ongoing)

Audition Technique                                     Jeffery Brooks

Hey, I Saw Your Commercial!                         Mike Pointer

Spolin Improv Training                                 Ruth Hawkins

Vocal coaching                                          Viki Hilferty (ongoing)

Vocal Coaching                                          Diana Huntoon

Special Skills
Vocal Range: Soprano, high belt, strong mix
Sports: swimming (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly), softball (6 years), horseback riding – English and Western
Languages: fluent English, fluent Spanish, some German
Accents: Standard British, Cockney, Southern United States, Texan, Appalachian, Russian
Other: valid passport; can drive stick shift; can drive motorcycle; handgun experience; expert crocheter/knitter; can wiggle ears



Local Hire

Texas, Atlanta, Chicago, Indiana, New York, Oregon

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